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I want to thank all the bands and fans who have been supporting the Sunday shows at Loaded on Hollywood Blvd. A great place to have a good time, meet some really cool people and make new friends for FREE! The shows are every week at the same time, from 3pm to 8pm Sunday’s There’s no reason not to come hangout if you live in Los Angeles By your support, we can not only grow our community but help the LA metal scene grow and more. If you are someone who likes to start working in this industry, this is your chance to get you r foot through the door! You are welcome to bring camera’s and interview the bands, take photos and test the waters and ask questions Again, I want to thank everyone who have been supporting this event every week and all the amazing bands who have played and new bands who will play. See you guys SUNDAY’S!!! Sanaz
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    Goody Khashayari 2 years ago

    Thank you Sanaz, it was pleasure meeting you. I had a lot of fun meeting new people at your Sunday shows. Really killer bands and awesome sound. I hope to see you soon and thanks for everything you’re doing for the Metal scene. Lots of Love to you my friend. Goody.

  2. Profile photo of Chris 'elroy' Moody
    Chris 'elroy' Moody 2 years ago


    I wanted to take a moment and send you a personal thank you for the opportunity this past weekend to come play at Loaded. Granting us this awesome opportunity is greatly appreciated.

    I also read your poignant facebook post from yesterday (9/15) about unprofessional acts and wanted to also seize the opportunity to solicit your feedback on our performance. Your opinion absolutely matters to me and I respect your efforts in the business.

    I’ve made personal notes of our shortcomings from the show and would love any/all feedback for anything you noticed that we could improve upon so that we can better represent ourselves going forward.

    Thank you again and please keep rockin’ – I respect your passion for the business!!


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