Be very careful who you work with

By the way… if you are a band and a promoter is trying to make you exclusive, you BETTER BE MAKING A REAL GOOD AMOUNT OF MONEY… This is realllly fucked up! They should NOT limit you to how many shows you want to play. They are shooting you in the damn foot! 15 years of being in this business and never seeing any promoter do this to bands who are trying to get more fans and get out there! I have no idea what the hell is happening, and don’t give a shit how they want to make excuses for what they are doing , in MY personal opinion this is BS! Now if you are a band and think it’s cool… go for it! That is none of my business… Your life, your band, your way… Good luck! But I smell CRAPPPPP I have never claimed a band is MINE, but I have seen promoters say that… Only if they pull their heads out of their asses and want to help YOU and not themselves As a band who is trying so hard to make it, you MUST play as many shows as possible! Why do you think HUGE bands tour so much? Cause times have changed, bands make money by doing shows! I get so angry hearing these stupid things. If you are one of those promoters and are reading this, NEVER contact me for help! I want nothing to do with bullshit you think is the way to go. I encourage bands I meet to do more shows, at the same venue or where ever they want, I guide them, I don’t make them my slaves. Ask around! God this business gets more and more shitty every year! Ok I am done ranting… Like I said many times before, I HEAR EVERYTHING! And this one is just, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
I always put bands in contact with other people, and never ask for anything back. I want to see them grow If I am wrong, then no one can convince me that this is right! So don’t even bother, cause I will block you if you do… Just delete me and I still wish you the best
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    James Brennan 2 years ago

    I agree with you on this! I think the reason why this happens is that they really don’t care about the band. If they did they would want them to succeed! As musicians they have paid their dues! Too bad trust is hard to come by for so many of them.

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